Pump control panels

Pump control panels

Brandelektra standard pump control panels have been designed and manufactured, to meet most common basic needs for pump control and protection.

Our stadnard product range :

TypeMotor paramethers

1ph. 1,1; 1,5; 2,2; 3; 4; 5,5 kW

3ph 0,55; 0,75; 1,1; 1,5; 2,2; 3; 4; 5,5 kW


3ph 7,5; 11; 15; 18,5 kW

For automated pump control, all panels are equiped with liquid level sensors .

Standard VFD motor control solution can also be successfully applied to control pumps. Details

If your pump specification can not be controlled with our standard panel, contact us for custom made solution.

For purchase for personal use please contact our partner info@automation-supply.eu

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